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Zhang Peili Archive 張培力檔案

Brief overview (-)

Zhang Peili is a pioneer of video and new media art in China. His work 30x30 from 1988 is generally considered to be the first video work in the history of contemporary Chinese art and his experiments with text-based conceptual art were some of the most radical works made in China during the 1980s. The full archive will gradually be made accessible through the Collection Online. For the full collection description, please click here.  
A clip of the interview with the artist can be viewed here.

Tree Diagram

The collection contains over 400 digital images of Zhang Peili’s works, including high resolution images of his paintings from the early 1980s to early 1990s, still images from his video works, in-situ shots of his video installations, and photographs. There are also images of his radical text-based works from the 1980s.