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John Clark Archive

Brief overview (-)

Asia Art Archive commenced the digitisation and mapping of Sydney-based art historian and emeritus professor John Clark’s interview archive in 2013.

Clark’s archive comprises of over 280 interviews of artists and art professionals from across Asia spanning the past 27 years, presenting a set of art historical narratives constructed through oral histories and conversations. It is accompanied by ten volumes of interview transcripts, including Clark’s research notes on chronologies and bibliographies of individual artists. An in-depth interview with Clark was conducted by AAA to further contextualise his research practice.

The material is largely geographically structured—divisions to enable coherent browsing that classify artists by the countries in which they live and work, and by those whose works and interests concern a particular region.

More material will be gradually made accessible through the AAA website. For a preliminary list mapping the artists and art professionals interviewed by John Clark, click here.

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