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Wang Youshen Archive 王友身檔案

Brief overview (-)

Wang Youshen has been constantly sharing with AAA records of his artistic career since the 1980s, and also materials about Chinese contemporary art that he collected in the last twenty years. The full archive will gradually be made accessible through the Collection Online. For the full collection description, please click here.  

A clip of the interview with the artist can be viewed here.

Tree Diagram

Images of Wang Youshen’s works from 1986-2010. As a major in folk arts, Wang’s paintings in the eighties reflected his interest in narrative works and traditional symbols. Wang began to produce conceptual work in the 1990s, with works such as Portrait Series · Birthday Party (1990). This collection includes major works by Wang Youshen including ‘Serious Game’ Series (1988), Newspaper · Curtain (1991) and his ongoing series ‘Washing’ which began in 1994; together with articles about Wang’s works.
Approximate total: over 140 records.
王友身1986至2010年的作品照片。王友身主修民間美術,他在80年代繪畫的作品反應了他對敘事和傳統符號的興趣。90年代開始,王友身專注概念藝術創作,作品包括《人像系列 · 生日晚宴》(1990)。此部份包括了王友身各個時代的主要系列作品,如《嚴肅的遊戲》系列(1988),《報紙 · 窗簾》(1991)和他持續進行的《清洗》系列。此部份也包括了有關王友身作品的文章。