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Hans van Dijk Archive 戴漢志檔案

Brief overview (-)

Hans van Dijk 戴漢志 (1946-2002) was a researcher, curator, and dealer for Chinese contemporary art active in Beijing for most of the 1990s. After his untimely death in 2002, his extensive archive has remained in Beijing and is being processed by AAA. The archive includes materials about over 480 Chinese artists, documents on NAAC and CAAW activities, more than 50 titles of art journals and magazines, over 1,300 art books and catalogues, and a large amount of invitation cards and articles on art—collectively depicting Beijing’s 1990s art scene for future researchers to interpret. For the full collection description, please click here.

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'Too Materialistic Too Spiritualized' — Exhibition Invitation, 1996.

: 太物質太精神 — 展覽邀請
: Too Materialistic Too Spiritualized — Exhibition Invitation
: ZHOU Tiehai(周鐵海)
: Chinese - Simplified, English
: Too Materialistic Too Spiritualized
: 27 April 1996 - 8 May 1996
Location of Exhibition | Event: Cifa Gallery, Beijing, China
: New Amsterdam Art Consultancy
Published by | in: China
: 1996
: event ephemera
: Online
: ©Free Access - no-reuse
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