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Kwok Mangho Frog King Archive

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Asia Art Archive initiated a series of interviews with Kwok Mangho Frog King in October 2011 to survey and contextualise his personal archive—materials accumulated from the 1960s to early 2000s. He uses various media and modes of expression including experimental sculptures, installations, and ‘happenings’ for his work, which he then records as part of his artistic practice. Frog King’s spontaneous daily documentation of art scenes primarily in Hong Kong, China, and New York are also part of the collection.

The Kwok Mangho Frog King Archive consists of a selection of over 1,000 annotated slides and photographic documentations that are now publicly accessible via AAA’s digital platform. The collection offers a distinctive approach to inquire into Frog King’s dynamic artistic practices.

The complete archive and interviews will gradually be made accessible through Collection Online.

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Installation by Frog King created on 'Frog Night', 1983, Slides, TV sets, Variable dimensions.

: Installation in Frog Night
: KWOK Mangho / Frog King (郭孟浩 / 蛙王)
: Installation inviting the audience to put transparent film with Frog King's drawing over TV sets and other items.
The work was produced on 'Frog Night', 3 July 1983, which took place during 'No Se No 99 Nights Summer Fun Club', 28 May - 4 September 1983. The event was curated by Arleen Schloss.

No Se No social club was closed down by the City after the '99 Nights' performance series.
: Slides, TV sets
: Variable dimensions
: 1983
: United States
: No Se No 99 Nights Summer Fun Club
: 28 May 1983 - 4 September 1983
Location of Exhibition | Event: No Se No Social Club, East Village, New York, United States
: Rivington School; No Se No Social Club
: Arleen SCHLOSS
: artwork documentation
: Installation, Performance
: Mangho KWOK/Frog King
: Online
: ©Free Access - no-reuse


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