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Gulammohammed Sheikh Archive

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Gulammohammed Sheikh (b. 1937) is a renowned painter, poet and critic based in Baroda. Sheikh taught in the Faculty of Fine Arts for almost three decades, and his prolific career spans across various practices that include publishing and curating.
The Gulammohammed Sheikh Archive includes not only a rich visual documentation of his artistic practice but also his work as a teacher, a curator, a poet, an art historian, and an activist. From documents of exhibitions that he curated and the renowned Vrishchik Magazine that he published, to scrapbooks and photographs of the vibrant art scene he was part of, documents from this collection will be gradually released on the AAA website over the course of 2015.
This collection is part of The Baroda Archives Project. For more details of the project, please click here.
A tree diagram of the Gulammohammed Sheikh Archive is available here.

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Vrishchik (Year 1, No. 3), 1970

: Vrishchik (Year 1, No. 3)
: Gulammohammed SHEIKH, Bhupen KHAKHAR
: Year 1, Issue No. 3 of Vrishchik magazine, published on 10 January 1970.

'A Phenomenon in Indian Film Making' by B. Chhadua
Artist Profile of Nagji Patel
'Drawings by Nagji Patel' by Nagji Patel
'અનમોલ મોતી' (Precious Pearls) by Bhupen Khakhar

Featured Artworks:
Linocut by Vinod Ray Patel

This edition of Vrishchik is also available via Issuu

: Vrishchik, which means scorpion, was a monthly magazine founded by Gulammohammed Sheikh in 1969. Published from Baroda, the magazine was edited by artists Gulammohammed Sheikh and Bhupen Khakhar until its last issue in 1973. Vrishchik became an active forum for contemporary artistic and literary expressions, and also a catalyst for artists' views on the art field, art institutions, and social concerns. The magazine featured an array of content that included poems, stories, critical essays, and folios of printed artworks.

More details about Vrishchik can be found on Gulammohammed Sheikh's interview 'Vrishchik and Lalit Kala' on the website 'Web of Stories', Geeta Kapur's article 'Signatures of Dissent' on Art India Magazine (Vol 6, Issue 2, Quarter 2, 2001, Mumbai) and Piyush Thakkar's article 'Gulammohammed Sheikh and Many Literatures' on Guide Art Journal (Issue 1, Guide Art Gallery).
: English, Gujarati
Published by | in: Gulammohammed Sheikh, India
: 1970
: magazine/journal/newspaper
: Art Writing, Film
: Online
: ©Free Access - no-reuse


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