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Ha Bik Chuen Archive

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The Ha Bik Chuen Archive presents one window into Hong Kong’s art history: through exhibition history, circulation of artistic practices and reading materials, and international exchange. Primarily known as a sculptor and printmaker, artist Ha Bik Chuen (1925–2009) had parallel practices of photographing exhibitions he attended, and collecting materials including illustrated magazines and artist portraits, in part for the construction of book collages. Ha’s entire collection has been stored in his Hong Kong studio since his passing.

Asia Art Archive began an initial pilot project to map, assess, and selectively digitise Ha’s archive by invitation of the Ha family in 2013. Made available to a wider audience for the first time, the archive consists of a continuously growing selection of Ha’s collage books, exhibition documentation, and exhibition catalogues. Due to the vast volume of Ha’s archive, materials digitised and shared on this platform are prioritised by their rarity and relevance to AAA’s ongoing lines of inquiry such as exhibition histories, alongside other AAA projects and programmes Hong Kong Art History Research Project, Sites of Construction, Hong Kong Conversations, and the 2015 exhibition ‘Excessive Enthusiasm: Ha Bik Chuen and the Archive as Practice’.

More material will be gradually made accessible through the AAA website.

The Ha Bik Chuen Archive Pilot Project (2014–16)
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Contact Sheet of Photographs of Fung Ming Chip's Photography Exhibition at the American Library, 13 October 1982.

: Contact Sheet of Photographs of Fung Ming Chip's Photography Exhibition at the American Library, 13 October 1982
: CS_Shelf 253_1982_No. 144_馮明秋攝影展 美國圖書館
: FUNG Mingchip(馮明秋)
: HA Bikchuen(夏碧泉)

Contact sheet of photographs documenting Fung Ming Chip's photography exhibition 'Lenscape' (鏡中風景) at the American Library, Hong Kong, on 13 October 1982. The exhibition was presented by American Consulate, Hong Kong.

This contact sheet also contains documentation of some unidentified artworks.

This is the 144th roll of film taken in 1982, as indicated by Ha Bik Chuen's own annotation on the contact sheet folder and contact sheet itself.

: Lenscape
: 14 October 1982 - 22 October 1982
Location of Exhibition | Event: American Library, Hong Kong
: American Consulate, Hong Kong
: artwork documentation;event photograph/recording;personal record
: Exhibition Histories, Solo Exhibition
: The Ha Family
: Online
: ©Free Access - no-reuse
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