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Salon Natasha Archive

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Established in 1990 by Natasha (Natalia) Kraevskaia, originally from Russia, and her husband, the artist Vu Dan Tan and located in their home, Salon Natasha served as Vu Dan Tan's studio, a meeting place for artists and intellectuals, and a venue for young, experimental, and non-commercial art. In the early 1990s Salon Natasha was the only exhibiting space free from government supervision and open to the new spirit of artistic freedom and innovation. The many exhibitions and art projects curated and supported by Salon played a significant role in the popularisation of the new Vietnamese art in Vietnam and abroad. For the full collection description, please click here.

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Vu Dan Tan in Salon Natasha, 1993.

: Vu Dan Tan in Salon Natasha
: VU Dan Tan
: Vu Dan Tan painting at his working place in Salon Natasha.

This photograph, alongside the other photo documentations taken during 1990 to 1993, reflects the multi-functionality of the Salon; not only was it a home for Vu Dan Tan and Natasha Kraevskaia, but it also served simultaneously as Tan's studio, exhibition space, and a place for social gatherings.
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: Salon Natasha
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