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The Chabet Archive: Covering Fifty Years of the Artist’s Materials

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Initiated in 2008, The Chabet Archive is a collection of digitised material on the renowned Filipino artist, teacher, and curator Roberto Chabet (1937-2013). The Archive includes Chabet's personal photographs of his work, letters, writings and exhibition notes, clippings from books, newspapers, and magazines, and invitations from the 1960s to the present, donated by Chabet himself, other artists, institutions, galleries, collectors, and friends of the artist. The project was launched in July 2009. The full archive will gradually be made accessible through the Collection Online. For the full collection description, please click here.  

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Press release of the Shop 6 inaugural exhibition at Sining Kamalig, 1974.

: Shop no. 6 Kamalig to Have Weekly Exhibits
: Press release of the opening of Shop 6 at Sining Kamalig in 1974, titled 'Shop no. 6 Kamalig to Have Weekly Exhibits.'

Shop 6 is an alternative art space ran by Roberto Chabet and other artists at the Sining Kamalig Arcade on Taft Avenue in Pasay City, Manila, from 1974 - 1975. Their inaugural two-part exhibition featured the works of twelve artists. The first part included the works of Yoli Laudico, Eva Toledo, Joe Bautista, Alan Rivera, Red Mansueto, and Danny Dalena. The second part included works by Rodolfo Gan, Nap Jamir, Modesto Fernando, Nestor Vinluan, Roberto Chabet, and Boy and Berna Perez. The first two weekend group shows were followed by a series of solo exhibitions by the artists who participated in the inaugural show. 

The works of artists in the first part of the inaugural exhibition included Yoli Laudico's grid of 'Photo-Me' cut-outs and Paper Doll; Eva Toledo's paper collage on the gallery window and Bunot, displayed on a post; Alan Rivera's collage on hangers; Joe Bautista's Mais, a grid of mongo seeds taped onto the gallery window; Red Mansueto's half-collapsed bed; and Danny Dalena's eroding galvanised iron hanging near the ceiling and old tin ice trays, pots and pans, and plastic cups scattered across the floor. 

Shop 6 mounted an initial series of 14 weekly exhibitions, which were organised with the support of Sining Kamalig, who allowed the artists to use the shop space for free for the exhibition of works which were 'experimental in nature, such as mixed media works, constructions, situations, environments, and other exploratory projects.'
: English
: Shop 6 Inaugural Exhibition Part 1
: 31 May 1974 - 2 June 1974
Location of Exhibition | Event: Sining Kamalig Arcade, Pasay City, Philippines
: Shop 6
: press material
: Conceptual Art, Installation, Readymade, Found Objects, Artist-run Space
: Fernando MODESTO
: Online
: ©Free Access - no-reuse
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