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Ratan Parimoo Archive

Brief overview (-)

Ratan Parimoo (b. 1936) is an eminent art historian and painter based in Baroda with several publications and seminars to his credit. Parimoo taught art history in the Faculty of Fine Arts since 1959 and was Head of the Department of Art History & Aesthetics for 25 years, being instrumental in establishing the Department of Art History & Aesthetics Archive in the college in 1966.
The Ratan Parimoo Archive covers a wide panorama of his research work and documents pertaining to the curriculum building of art history along with documents of the Baroda Group of Artists of which he was a member. These documents and more will be gradually released on the AAA website over the course of 2015.
This collection is part of The Baroda Archives project. For more details of the project, please click here.
A tree diagram of the Ratan Parimoo Archive is available here.

Tree Diagram

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Ratan Parimoo Archive