Title: Neurosis and Prattle: The Works of Jiang Zhi
Title (Other Language): 神經症及其囈語
Description: Catalogue of solo exhibition by Jiang Zhi at Marella Gallery, Beijing in 2008. With artist biography.
Access Level: On-site
Location Code: MON.JIZ
Language/s: Chinese - Simplified, English
: 漂移的征兆 - LI Jianchun(李建春)

Prattling on about Jiang Zhi's Works - Eleonora BATTISTON
: JIANG Zhi(蔣志)
Publisher/s: Marella Gallery , Beijing, China
Organiser/s: Marella Gallery
Venue/s: Marella Gallery, Beijing, China
Year of Publication: 2008
No. of Pages: 76
No. of Copies: 1
Media Image: Neurosis and Prattle: The Works of Jiang Zhi - Cover
Content Type/s: artist monograph; catalogue
Keyword/s: Installation, Video Art, China
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