Title: Jiang Zhi: Tremble
Title (Other Language): 蔣志:顫抖
Alternative Title: Jiang Zhi: Temblar | jiang zhi chan dou
: CHEN Nicole(陳早)
Description: This catalogue accompanies Jiang Zhi's debut exhibition in Spain at Magee Art Gallery, Madrid in 2010. It presents the photographic work M+1, W-1 and the multi-channel video installation Tremble, which shows seven nude men and women shuddering while trying to maintain a certain facial expression or body posture. Artist biography included.
Access Level: On-site
Location Code: MON.JIZ
Language/s: Chinese - Simplified, English, Spanish
: Jiang Zhi: At the Intersection of Poetics and Sociology - BAO Dong(鮑棟)

The Manipulated Tremble - YUAN Yuan(袁園)
: JIANG Zhi(蔣志)
Publisher/s: Magee Art Gallery , Madrid, Spain
Organiser/s: Magee Art Gallery
Venue/s: Magee Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Year of Publication: 2010
No. of Pages: 41
No. of Copies: 1
Media Image: Jiang Zhi: Tremble - Cover
Content Type/s: artist monograph; catalogue
Keyword/s: Photography, Video Art, Installation, China
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