Title: Art Practice in a Digital Culture
: Hazel GARDINER, Charlie GERE
Description: 'Much as art history is in the process of being transformed by new information communication technologies, often in ways that are either disavowed or resisted, art practice is also being changed by those same technologies. One of the most obvious symptoms of this change is the increasing numbers of artists working in universities, and having their work facilitated and supported by the funding and infrastructural resources that such institutions offer. This new paradigm of art as research is likely to have a profound effect on how we understand the role of the artist and of art practice in society.' (from the back cover)

Includes a bibliography and an index.
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Language/s: English
: 1 Research as Art - Charlie GERE

2 Triangulating Artworlds: Gallery, New Media and Academy - Stephen SCRIVENER, Wayne CLEMENTS

3 The Artist as Researcher in a Computer mediated Culture - Janis JEFFERIES

4 A Conversation about Models and Prototypes - Janet PROPHET, Nina WAKEFORD

5 Not Intelligent by Design - Paul BROWN, Phil HUSBANDS

6 Excess and Indifference: Alternate Body Architectures - Stelarc

7 The Garden of Hybrid Delights: Looking at the Intersection of Art, Science and Technology - Gordana NOVAKOVIC

8 Limited Edition - Unlimited Image: Can a Science/Art Fusion Move the Boundaries of Visual and Audio Interpretation? - Elaine SHEMILT

9 Telematic Practice and Research Discourses: Three Practice-based Research Project Case Studies - Paul SERMON

10 Tools, Methods, Practice, Proccess... and Curation - Beryl GRAHAM
Publisher/s: Ashgate, Farnham, United Kingdom
Year of Publication: 2010
No. of Pages: 189
ISBN / ISSN: 9780754676232
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Media Image: Art Practice in a Digital Culture - Book Cover
Content Type/s: anthology
Keyword/s: digital art, digital humanities, cyberculture