Title: Whorled Explorations: Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014 (Short Guide)
Description: This is a short guide to the second edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB) from 12 December 2014 to 29 March 2015. Spread across multiple venues in the city of Kochi in southern India, the exhibition features 95 artists from 30 countries.

'Two chronologically overlapping, but perhaps directly unrelated, historical episodes in Kerala during the 14th to 17th Centuries become parallel points of departure for Whorled Explorations. Drawing from them, allusions to the historical and the cosmological recur throughout the exhibition like exaggerated extensions to gestures we make when we try to see or understand something. We either go close to it or move away from it in space, to see it clearly; we also reflect back or forth in time to understand the present. Whorled Explorations draws upon this act of deliberation, across axes of time and space to interlace the bygone with the imminent, the terrestrial with the celestial.' - Artistic Director and Curator Jitish Kallat (from the KMB website)

Individual artist pages with text and images are grouped by venue.
Access Level: On-site
Location Code: EX.IND.KMB.2014
Language/s: English
: Director's Note - Bose KRISHNAMACHARI

Curatorial Note - Jitish KALLAT
: Aji V.N., Akbar PADAMSEE, Anish KAPOOR, Annie WAN, Arun K.S., Bharti KHER, Bijoy JAIN, Biju JOZE, CHEN Chiehjen(陳界仁), Dayanita SINGH, Dinh Q. LE(黎光定), Gigi SCARIA, Gulammohammed SHEIKH, Hamra ABBAS, Hema UPADHYAY, HO Tzunyen(何子彥), Iqra Tanveer Toor, K.G. SUBRAMANYAN, Vasudevan NAMBOODIRI, Kader ATTIA, Khalil RABAH, KWAN Sheungchi(關尚智), Lavanya MANI, K.M. MADHUSUDHANAN, Manish NAI, Mithu SEN, Muhanned CADER, N.S. HARSHA, Naeem MOHAIEMEN, Nataraj SHARMA, Navin THOMAS, Navjot ALTAF, Neha CHOKSI, Nikhil CHOPRA, Parvathi NAYAR, (Group) Pors & Rao, Prajakta POTNIS, Prashant PANDEY, Pushpamala N., (Group) Raqs Media Collective, Ryota KUWAKUBO(クワクボリョウタ), Sachin George SEBASTIAN, Sahej RAHAL, Sarnath BANERJEE, Shumon AHMED, Sudhir PATWARDHAN, Sumakshi SINGH, Sunoj D., Surendran NAIR, Susanta MANDAL, Valsan Koorma KOLLERI, XU Bing(徐冰), YANG Zhenzhong(楊振中), Yoko ONO(オノヨーコ), HO Ruian(何銳安)
: Jitish KALLAT
Publisher/s: Kochi Biennale Foundation, Kerala, India
DC Books, Kerala, India
Organiser/s: Kochi Biennale Foundation
Venue/s: Aspinwall House, Kerala, India
Cabral Yard, Kerala, India
Pepper House, Kerala, India
Vasco Da Gama Square, Kerala, India
David Hall, Kerala, India
Kashi Art Gallery, Kerala, India
CSI Bungalow, Kerala, India
Durbar Hall, Kerala, India
Year of Publication: 2014
No. of Pages: 247
ISBN / ISSN: 9788126452613
No. of Copies: 1
Media Image: Whorled Explorations - cover
Content Type/s: catalogue; directory/guide
Keyword/s: perennial exhibition, India
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