AAA Blog —15 Invitations For 15 Years
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Note from the Editors

Asia Art Archive marks its 15th year by extending 15 Invitations to creative practitioners to look within and beyond the organisation as an archive, a collection of material, a digital platform, and a node in a wider collective network. The 15 Invitations will take various sizes, forms, and directions—literary, polemic, political, sonic, physical, and digital—and function as a series of 'drop pins' to alternatively navigate where AAA originated and where it may be going. Coinciding with the programme, Field Notes 5 has become a blog to trace the 15 participants as they contribute notes and entries to document their process, resulting in a final set of e-dossier publications.

15 Invitations for 15 Years is supported by the S. H. Ho Foundation Limited, the C. K. & Kay Ho Foundation, and The Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The programme is part of the ADC 20th Anniversary Celebration Series. Special thanks to Hani Charaf, Kemistry Design; and Spring Workshop.