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Samson Young

The Hong Kong–based artist moves through various locations in and around AAA by way of a roving sound station—doubling as a bookmobile and deejay booth—to generate a series of mobile radio broadcasts. His project, AAAFM 993 invokes classic radio news announcements, interview segments, and commercials by incorporating ambient noise sourced from AAA's audio collection.

This includes the John Clark Archive comprising of over 280 interviews of artists and art professionals constructed through oral histories and conversations from across Asia spanning the past 27 years. Young used the Special Collection to create a new sound work that played among the AAA library stacks and he continues to conduct new 'John Clark style' interviews with fellow Hong Kong artists.

Here are his thoughts...

4 July 2016

AAAFM 993: AAA Open Saturday mobile public broadcast

Detail of the AAAFM 993 roving sound station


June 2016
Sound work sourced from the John Clark Archive presented in the AAA library stacks

Details of the AAA John Clark Archive

John Clark Archive photography by Stephen Lam.




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