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Framing Spatial Stories: Life Beyond the Plan, Survey, and Grid

Solomon Benjamin & Wing Shing Tang

Bangalore-based scholar Solomon Benjamin, in collaboration with Hong Kong 'critical geographer' Wing Shing Tang, co-organised a three-day workshop around artistic explorations aimed at 'unfreezing the city'.
Involving presentations, site-visits, and Hong Kong city walks drawn from a range of archives including the AAA collection, as well as other materials from legal documentation to protest ephemera, the objective is for participants ranging from students and artists to architects and academics to contribute and share 
their findings in an e-dossier. 

Throughout the process, collaborators Benjamin and Tang offer reference images and notes from their preliminary research and internal workshop.

1820 January 2017
Wedding Card Street, Mongkok, and Fotan site visits



2327 February 2016
Research visit planning notes





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