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In Memoriam | Nigel Cameron (1920–2017)


Image: Courtesy of The Ha family.

Writer, exhibition organiser, and art critic Nigel Cameron passed away in Hong Kong on the evening of 14 February 2017 at the age of 96. Cameron was born in Edinburgh. He visited Asia for the first time during his service to the British Royal Navy. One of the earliest art critics writing in English in Hong Kong, Cameron contributed regularly to South China Morning Post, reviewing exhibitions and books, as well as chronicling the city’s history with his light, straightforward, and searing prose.

He was also known for organising the annual exhibition First Choice or The Critic’s Choice, a much anticipated event in Hong Kong from the 1970s to 2000s. The 1977 edition of First Choice was extensively documented by the late Ha Bik Chuen, and featured major Hong Kong-based artists such as Ha, Lui Shou Kwan, Cheung Yee, Hon Chi Fun, and Wucius Wong, amongst many others.

Cameron donated his collection of typescripts and newspaper clippings to Asia Art Archive in 2006, which is now available onsite for consultation at AAA’s library in Sheung Wan. These materials form a key part of AAA’s collection on Hong Kong Art History and offers an entry point to this research area through the eyes of a voraciously curious reader and writer.

Cameron’s commitment to Hong Kong’s art ecology will be warmly remembered.
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