2008 Artist-in-residence: Pak Sheung Chuen

When Nov - Dec 2008
Pak Sheung Chuen conducted a residency from October to November 2008. During his time at AAA, he developed a work, White Library/A Mind Reaching for Emptiness.

‘A blank page is a pause of time in reading. It could also be readable, offering infinite imagination. A blank page creates a common link between different books, giving us a vision of the whole. During my residency at Asia Art Archive, I photocopied all the blank pages from its collection, attempting to create an alternative to the archive’s collection. I selected one hundred pieces of photocopied blank pages, and combined it with an introduction to the artwork, creating an artwork.’ Pak Sheung Chuen. 

About Pak Sheung Chuen 

Born in Fujian, Pak moved to Hong Kong in 1984. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002 with a major in fine arts and a minor in theology. Pak explores the possibilities of discovering inspiring and insightful messages encoded within ordinary places. It is within the technologies of the quotidian, structures that many of us have been conditioned to take for granted, that Pak draws out the potential for humanisation and spiritual revelation. His work often takes the form of documentation, recording the unfolding of his creative process.