Archiving Projects

AAA’s Research team works steadily to uncover the vibrant but scattered documentation of recent contemporary art activity throughout Asia. Though the efforts of the Archive over the past ten years have predominantly been dedicated to building a comprehensive yet more general collection, AAA has in recent years begun to build up areas of specialisation and identify areas of focus.

Since 2004, AAA has adopted different strategies and methodologies to digitise a number of important private archives including those of artists, critics, curators, and researchers. These archives constitute a substantial portion of the Special Collections, serving as entry points to regional art histories and offering possibilities for new research in the field by making primary documentation available for the first time.

Private collections of rare materials, particularly those in fragile conditions requiring immediate conservation, and periodicals that have ceased publication are also within the scope of AAA’s digitisation priorities. In the process of digitising these collections, AAA actively enriches and contextualises them with additional material, including extensive in-depth interviews and collection reviews written by researchers and scholars in the region.

AAA’s activities however are not about ownership; the Archive believes in preservation through sharing and gladly accepts digital copies of material held elsewhere. AAA preserves these rare materials by digitising them and is working to make them publicly accessible, free of charge, through the Collection Online.