Three Packs of Negatives for the Exhibition City Vibrance

Three packs of negatives for the exhibition 'City Vibrance', dated 26 March 1992.

These are the negatives for the 37-39th rolls of film taken in 1992, as indicated by Ha Bik Chuen's own annotation on the envelopes.

The negatives are found from shelf 189 in Ha Bik Chuen's studio. There are ten parcels of negatives of the 1990s in total on that shelf.

Catalogue for the exhibition 'City Vibrance: Recent Works in Western Media by Hong Kong Artists' is available in the library of Asia Art Archive (Location code: EX.HGK.CVR).


All shelf numbers in Ha Bik Chuen's studio are allocated by Asia Art Archive research team.

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Alternative title 香港城市變奏作品展

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Three Packs of Negatives for the Exhibition City Vibrance