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Issue 23, Volume 8 of the periodicalCollege Life, published on 21 April 1963. This issue includes coverage on the Second 'International Salon of Paintings' organised by the Hong Kong Modern Literature and Art Association and features images of works by Lui Shou Kwan, Gilbert Pan Sze Chiu, and Yang Ying Feng. Artist Cheung Yee is featured in the periodical's cover. The publication is found in one of the three Kodak boxes dedicated to the Circle Art Group in Ha Bik Chuen's archive.

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CHEUNG Yee, 張義

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21 Apr 1963

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Ceased publication

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College Life, 21 Apr 1963, Vol. 8, Issue 23

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College Life (Volume 8, Issue 23, 1963), 大學生活(第八卷,第二十三期,1963年)