Drawings — Exhibition Invitation

Invitation to Roberto Chabet's solo exhibition 'Drawings' at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Small Gallery from 7 - 28 February 1978.

Excerpt from the press release:
'Chabet's drawings at the CCP Small Gallery reveal certain concerns about the pictorial functions of the line and its richness as a medium. The drawings are variations of scrawny ballpoint scribblings made to float on a flat field of white paper. The snarled, coiled, scribbled, knotted, and crooked lines suggest the act of writing. The scrawny presence of the ball-point scribblings and the criss-crossing of X marks at various random points over what appears to be cut off sections of a grid, attempts to show that line is not a form in itself.'

'A certain amount of discipline is needed to be able to make 'pictures' evolve from lines. The artist imposes an order, the drawings bear markings that congregate near, above, under and around squares and rectangles, in so doing, he makes line with its basic physical sparseness, assert itself.'

'The drawings, all done on 8' x 12 1/2' drawing paper, obviate the use of colour mainly because, natural and equivocal as they already are, it is unnecessary. The essence of the drawings lie in their capacity to elicit wider 'readings' and draw various reactions from the viewers.'

'The exhibit shows a clarity of intention, emphasizing line's pictorial function, in the case of Chabet's drawings, by eliminating the use of figurative design. The subtle evocation of Chabet's drawings do make pictorial conversations with the viewers.'

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Drawings — Exhibition Invitation