Published in conjunction with Hon Chi-fun's solo exhibition at CityU Gallery, City University of Hong Kong, from October to December 2007. This volume gathers essays and other musings on the life and work of the Hong Kong painter. Some are written by those acquainted with the artist and offer personal perspectives of his art. A selection of Hon's works spanning nearly 50 years of his career is also presented. Artist's chronology included.
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Xiang wai shi qing: han zhi xun zuo pin zhan

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圓夢 [in Chinese only]

- CHENG Peikai, 鄭培覬

The Circle of Perfection: Modernity in Artist Hon Chi-fun

- TANG Hoichiu, 鄧海超

關於解讀韓志勳先生的藝術的一點感想 [in Chinese only]

- GAO Minglu, 高名潞

Painting as Expression of Genuine Spirit: Of Hon Chi-fun's Exhibition

- ZHANG Longxi, 張隆溪

Journeys and Interludes

- PANG Yeewan Tina, 彭綺雲

韓志勳的心源 [in Chinese only]

- CHUI Lisa Laisha, 徐麗沙

Traces of Passionate Poses in the Sky of Dance: The Art World of Hon Chi-fun

- Quanan SHUM, 岑崑南

韓志勳 心符門後的維度 [in Chinese only]

- Quanan SHUM, 岑崑南

繪畫的玄 韓志勳的圓 [in Chinese only]

- SHUM Longtin, 岑朗天

默賞韓志勳之 《聲噚》 Sound Plus (1991) [in Chinese only]

- LAI Chiuhan Linda, 黎肖嫻

Conceptual Feeling Beyond Images: The Works of Hon Chi-fun
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Conceptual Feeling Beyond Images: The Works of Hon Chi-fun, 象外詩情:韓志勳作品展