This CD-ROM contains 20 images of the exhibition 'Isa Lorenzo, 001' at Silverlens Gallery, the Philippines, from 8 August  to 1 September 2007.

'I got to think about my mother’s house, how it is a repository of installations: the height markings on the edge of a bedroom door, tables of decorative trinkets, walls and walls of photographs— and I thought to photograph these installations, these collections of objects left behind by the generations of the house’s occupants. After a couple of times of shooting, I realized that they are more than the objects. The house itself also means a lot. The wooden floors in various patterns, the steps in the hallways, the grills on the windows and doors, the doorstops, the clocks and the banisters— these are most vivid. So I shot those and I shot the installations and in the darkroom, started the process of laying down memories to print in a way not unlike remembering— in layers, selectively, with images that come forward and some that recede, depending on the memories and their meanings.' - Isa Lorenzo

Photos by AAA: Ringo Bunoan

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Event Documentation: Philippines: 'Isa Lorenzo, 001'