This is the 5th issue of an untitled periodical series by 'The Workshop'. Ten publications appear in various printed/booklet forms claimed as 'periodical' but without a clear periodical format. Titles are 事外, +11, 第三期, 六月, 上環, 置身/至新事外(g - san c - oi), 初稿, 流動影像, 都市風景 (City Graffiti), 攝影對談 respectively.

Contributors include 八人入乂, 彭俊傑, 蘇慶強, 梁素蓮, 曾德平, 陳啟賢, 陳惠芬, Gordon Parker, 陳嘉明, 杜杜, 文晶塋, 梁冠麗, 郭達年, 小西, 林漢堅, 林喜鳳, 陳肇棟, 周麗芬, 陳少雄, 黎健強, 盧婉雯, 吳世傑, 梁少雄, 李德銓, 夏耀文, 岑震裘, 文合山, C.K., Q&K.


Group members include吳世傑, 岑震裘, 李德銓 楊振基, 黎振強, 黃偉英, 陳肇棟

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置身/至新 事外 | zhi shen / zhi xin shi wai | g san c oi | (工作室刊物)

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g - san c - oi (Absolved)
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g - san c - oi (Absolved), 置身事外

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