This is a video document of the aforementioned event held on 8 October 2005, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II and as part of the Year of Germany in Japan. Performances by the following artists are included:

Machiko Tagami
Tatsumi Orimoto
Sakiko Yamaoka
Hiroto Naokatahira
Jurgen Fritz
Kaori Haba
Yukio Saegusa
Mari Tanikawa
Yoshinori Niwa
Hiromi Shirai
Boris Nieslony

Note: Original packaging and insert (with map of event and artist profiles) is available upon request, please ask library staff for assistance.
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Studio Art Hechima So On, Sakiko Yamaoka

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artwork documentation, 

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Site-specific 'Aktion' in Yokohama
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Site-specific 'Aktion' in Yokohama, 横浜港湾借景行為表現計画