Catalogue published in conjunction with the retrospective exhibition of Liu Guosong at the Palace Museum, Beijing, in the Hall of Martial Heroes (Wuying dian) in 2007. The exhibition features a total of 75 paintings by the artist and represents 60 years of a creative journey marked by constant reflection and rethinking, constant searching for new methods and approaches. Essays by Chang Tsong-zung and Lee Chun-yi are included in this volume. Lee Chun-yi, a young art historian and student of Liu Guosong, uses the works on view in the present exhibition to explore the entire course of Liu's creative and conceptual development. By adopting a post-colonial point of view, Lee shows how the artist, though well-known for his non-traditionalist expression, is actually insisting on the importance of Chinese traditional culture and national spirit. With excerpts from Liu's writings on art and a chronology of his achievements.

Note: One copy of this title is a slipcased edition which is accompanied by a second volume: Conference Paper for Liu Guosong's 60 Years. It includes proceedings for an academic conference held in conjunction with the retrospective.
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Yu zhou xin yin: liu guo song hui hua yi jia zi

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Preface: Liu Guosong and the Cultural Traditions of China and the West - Chutsing LI, 李鑄晉

Calligraphy-Painting in a New Era - CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁

宇宙心印: 劉國松的藝術創作與思想
Heart Print of the Universe: The Art and Thought of Liu Guosong (A Summary) - LEE Chunyi, 李君毅

Universe in the Mind: 60 Years of Painting by Liu Guosong

Universe in the Mind: 60 Years of Painting by Liu Guosong, 宇宙心印: 劉國松繪畫一甲子