A work by Shao Yi at ‘DIAL ‘62761232’. It was a brass ruler engraved with erotic images, used to measure the width between a person's two feet and to tell the intercourse position that fit him/her well.

《快遞展》中邵一的參展作品。 一把刻有春宮圖的銅尺,根據人兩腳的寬度來考量適合他的體位。


Dial 62761232 was the name of an express delivery company that worked with a group of Shanghai-based artists to bring the exhibition to the homes of audience members. The delivery company assigned 15 couriers to the task, who were trained at the BizArt Center. Each courier was given a suicase with a number of works by the artists. Each of the 15 suitcases contained the same works, and each participating artist was identified by name. When a courier delivered the exhibition via suitcase, the viewer would have to choose number in order to see the works.

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Ruler for Measuring the Human Body, 體位尺