The first ‘New Concrete Image’ exhibition was organized by Mao Xuhui together with Zhang Xiaogang and Pan Dehai, who were based in the Southwest, and Zhang Long and Hou Wenyi, who were then based in Shanghai, and took place in the Cultural Palace of Jing’an District, Shanghai, in June 1985. The exhibition then toured to Nanjing in July of the same year. In the following year, ‘New Concrete Image’ took the form of documentation exhibition and public forum in Kunming and Chongqing, and it was expanded to include more than 40 artists. In 1986, Mao Xuhui also founded the artist group ‘Southwestern Art Research Group’ with Pan Dehai, Zhang Xiaogang, and Ye Yongqing. This is a collection of photos, articles, manuscripts, event ephemera and images of artists’ works of both ‘New Concrete Image’ exhibition series and ‘Southwestern Art Research Group’.

Total number of records: 100 (est.)


10 Folders, 108 Records


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