Maryn Varbanov and Friends in Hong Kong

Photograph of Maryn Varbanov, his wife, and friends in Hong Kong during the 'New Direction of Chinese Contemporary Art Tapestry'. (Row 1 from left: Wang Baozheng, Alice King, Song Huaikuei, Zhang Meixi, Wang Zifan. Row 2 from left: Zheng Shengtian, Huang Heiman, Xiao Feng, Maryn Varbanov and Huang Yongyu.

萬曼夫婦出席《中國壁掛藝術展覽》期間與友人在香港合照。 (第一排左起:王葆真、金董建平、宋懷桂、張梅溪、王子凡;第二排左起:鄭勝天、黃黑蠻、肖峰、萬曼、黃永玉)

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Maryn Varbanov and Friends in Hong Kong, 萬曼與友人在香港

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