The CIMAM General Meeting held in Japan in 1994 offers an introduction to museums, colleagues, artists, etc. This was the first time the CIMAM was held anywhere in Asia, and as such was designed as a platform network to discuss the collective aims, problems and challenges within the arts developments of Japan and the Asia region. This book is a documentation of the whole event, incorporating all the lectures, panel discussions and schedules in both Japanese and English languages.
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Opening Session: 'Contemporary Asian Art Scenes' - ROE Jaeryung, 노재령, HUANG Kuangnan, 黃光男, LEE Yulin, 李玉玲
Working Session 1: 'Collecting the World: Addressing a Differently Ordered World of Contemporary Art' - Bernice MURPHY
Working Session 2: 'Collecting the West-As a Start in Globalizing the World of Art' - Toshio HARA, 原俊夫
Open Symposium: 'The Museum of the 21st Century - New Possibilities and Prospects' - Rudi FUCHS, Lynne COOKE
Open Lecture: 'New Visions for the Museum' - Giuseppe PANZA DI BIUMO, Michael COMPTON
Tokyo Resolution
Outline of CIMAM Japan Meeting and its Results
CIMAM Japan Meeting Program - Fumio NANJO, 南條史生
1994 CIMAM Japan Meeting
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1994 CIMAM Japan Meeting