'The 2000 Taipei Biennale has been conceived with the following in mind: Contemporary art seeks to reflect the realities of life. The rapid progress of technology in recent years as represented by the growth of the Internet has engendered lightening quick changes in society, and the way we live. As distances shrink and places become increasingly interconnected, the impact of events occuring in one place on the planet is potentially global. These aspects of life today are thoroughly reflected in the development of contemporary art. Unlike the deliberate Asian viewpoint of the 1998 Taipei Biennale, the 2000 edition takes a completely open, "sky's the limit" approach , exploring various aspects of the great global cultural stew, and the constant renewal, resetting, and endless possibility it represents.' - abstract from preface by Huang Tsailang, Director of Taipei Fine Art Museum. There are also statements on the artists as well as artist's biographies. This catalogue includes the following western artists - Candice Breitz, Loris Cecchini, Claude Closky, Meschac Gaba, Kendell Geers, Mark Lewis, Michel Majerus, Jonathan Monk, Daniel Pflumm, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Tobias Rehberger, Sidney Stucki, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Uri Tzaig, Erwin Wurm.
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Tai bei shuang nian zhan: wu fa wu tian

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An Open Dialogue

- Jérôme SANS

Taiwan's Response to the Consumer Society

- CHEN Kuanhsing, 陳光興

Last Year in Marienbad: A Fictional Homepage Story

- CHI Tawei

Art or Commerce Everywhere?

- HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴

2000 Taipei Biennial: The Sky is the Limit
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2000 Taipei Biennial: The Sky is the Limit, 台北雙年展: 無法無天