This publication is divided into two parts, one on visual art and the other on performing art. The visual art section features Chang Chienchi's photographic works; Chen Longbin and Lin Shumin's participation in the exhibition The Invisible Thread: Buddhist Spirit in Contemporary Art and an article on an symposium entitled Arts and Artists in Taiwan. There is also a short report on the artist-in-residence program at PS1 Contemporary Art Center, and a section of newspaper clippings about the activities of the centre.
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風吹繁花滿園香 - CHEN Chinan, 陳其南
具體而微, 多元展現: 藝術與藝術家在台灣 - 過去,現在與未來
凝視: 美麗的哀愁: 張乾琦受邀參與紐約國際攝影中心首屆攝影及影像三年展
古老宗教開出當代藝術的花朵: 陳龍斌, 林書民參加 ‘無形的串聯 - 當代藝術中的佛教精神’ 國際藝術展
(2003 Report on the achievements of the Taipei Cultural Centre in New York)
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2003 Report on the achievements of the Taipei Cultural Centre in New York, 文化綻新技: 紸紐約台北文化中心2003年成果專輯