Zones of Contact is the theme of the 15th Biennale of Sydney exhibition, featuring 85 artists and collaborations from 44 countries in 16 locations throughout Sydney.

Luca Belgiorno-Nettis, Chairman of the Board of Biennale of Sydney, wrote in the foreword, 'Zones of Contact contains much of what a Biennale is, but with an important distinction. It strikes me that in the tradition of Biennales, Charles Merewether's exhibition is also a "travelogue". His research has taken him on an exhausting world marathon. However, it's not so much the diversity of invited artists and their works that impresses, but the poignant narratives of people at the margins of their societies.

For me, the artists' works engender a creeping nostalgia that was not so evident in previous Biennales - a sense of fragility of person and place. One senses a rising tide of brackish waters - a dissolute mixture of cultural displacement, nationalistic rhetoric and land depredation - across many countries, including Australia.

Issues concerning culture and territory, power and politics are the grist to history - at the zones of contact between and among different peoples. How contemporary artists interpret these issues is the purview of the Biennale of Sydney.'

The present catalogue includes artist biographies and information about the Biennale Symposia Series. Images of works are accompanied by individual texts. Please note that only Asian artists are listed below.
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Taking Place: Acts of Survival for a Time to Come - Charles MEREWETHER
The Power of Assembly - Art, World, Industry - Peter OSBORNE
Degrees of Freedom, Degrees of Difference - Chaitanya SAMBRANI
The In/Capacities of an Artist - Natasa PETRESIN-BACHELEZ
Zones of Contamination - some random notes on the current state of contemporary art events - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如
Zones of Contact: From 'confidential zones' to 'operational zones' - Viktor MISIANO
Jerusalem, a zone of contact - Jack PERSEKIAN
Toward very fine and thoroughly unsuccessful understandings: Art in SEE - Branislav DIMITRIJEVIC
Points of Contact - Aphasic dispatches on despair, representation and art in the here and now - Rasha SALTI
2006 Biennale of Sydney: Zones of Contact
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2006 Biennale of Sydney: Zones of Contact