This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition at Atelier Hermes by the 2006 Hermes Korea Missulsang finalists. 'Representative of the present generation of Korean artists in their diverse personalities and modes of artistic expression, Kim Sang-gil, Bae Young Whan, and Lim Minouk have been chosen from among the ten original candidates at the close of passionate discussions. All three, eager to affirm their own artistic language, share a keen awareness of what is at stake in the society where they live; all three are imbued with a desire to touch as many of their contemporaries as possible, to start a simple dialogue with them, one that is direct and sincere, by exploring the realities - or perhaps even the banalities - of daily life.' - extracted from the foreword. Artist biographies are provided in this catalogue.
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Kim Sang-gil
Plausible Disguise

- WOO Hyesoo, 우혜수

Extreme Make-Overs: On Kim Sang-gil's photographic investigations


Bae Young Whan
Road of Man

- WOO Hyesoo, 우혜수

Rebel without a cause/Loser with a cause

- Charles ESCHE

Lim Minouk
There is no truth in our circumstances

- KIM Jangun, 김장운

Lim Minouk's Art of Life

- Cristina RICUPERO

2006 Hermes Korea Missulsang
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