Published by Timezone 8 in 2007, this catalogue provides a comprehensive look at the 2006 Lianzhou International Photo Festival (LIPF 06). Images of works are accompanied by short writings by various curators.

LIPF was born out of the desire to demonstrate the immense wealth of photography found in China while exploring photographic works from various cultural backgrounds in an exhibition held in a small-sized Chinese city. The exhibitions will discuss topics revolving around the theme Viewpoint: Between the Observer and the Observed, touching on such subjects as the essence of photography, such as objectivity and subjectivity, personal and public interpretations.

Please note that all the essays in the catalogue are provided in Chinese only.
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Introduction (in English and Chinese) - DUAN Yuting, 段煜婷
Theme (in English and Chinese) - YANG Xiaoyan, 楊小彥
個人觀察的紀念碑 - YANG Xiaoyan, 楊小彥
黑夜中的攝影者: 關於肖萱安和我們的攝影 - YAN Changjiang, 顏長江
都市攝影家的紀實目光 - LIN Lu, 林路
不能讓歷史留下空白: 蔣少武,李媚對談
攝與被攝: 關於道德感與權利問題的思考 - LI Gongming, 李公明
革命的聊齋: 死亡與性的精神志 - FENG Yuan, 馮原
'影展助我們發現社會盲點': 一次關於影像人類學的新聞對話
現場瞬間紀錄的影像: 關於攝影的舊話重提 - HU Wugong, 胡武功
一個人和一條河 - CHEN Weixing, 陳衛星
影像的權力機制 - CHEN Weixing, 陳衛星
細節在攝影中的特殊地位 - SI Sushi, 司蘇實
全球化與中國當代攝影 - GU Zheng, 顧錚
2006 Lianzhou International Photo Festival LIPF 06
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2006 Lianzhou International Photo Festival LIPF 06, 第二屆連州國際攝影年展

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