This publication includes a collection of papers presented in the above mentioned conference held in 2006.
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The Spatial Story and Aesthetic Use: The Treasure Hill Tea + Photo Project

- TSENG Shaochien, 曾少千

Life History, Gender Consciousness and their Politics - Interpreting on 'l'ecriture feminine' of Contemporary Chinese Female Artists

- CHANG Chenglin Nicholas, 張正霖

An Interpretation of Tradition: Ma Shouhua and the Renaissance of Traditional Chinese Painting

- CHIU Linting, 邱琳婷

Encounters in Another Country: A Study of the Cross-National Art Consumption Based on Mobile Visitors of International Traveling Exhibitions

- LAI Chialing, 賴嘉玲

The Science of Spectators' Art - on 'Art Sociology' and 'The Sociology of Art'

- CHOU Christine J.C., 周靜家

The Self -Performance of the Guide in Taiwanese Art Museums

- HUANG Shengjer, 黃聖哲

2006 sociology of arts conference programme
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2006 sociology of arts conference programme, 2006藝術社會學研討會論文集