Established in 2009, Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON is a former printing factory turned art centre which supports residency programmes. It is part of an initiative by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture to convert disused spaces in the downtown area into sites of artistic creation and exchange. This publication documents projects by 24 artists/artist teams who took part in long-term and short-term residencies at Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON. Includes artists' profiles. Also outlines the centre's history, programmes and facilities.
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YANG Jiyoon, 양지윤

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Chapter headings
1st Long-term Residency
Rho Jae-oon, A Universal History of Infamy - HYUN Seewon, 현시원
The Pure Theatre Laboratory Machal / Starting from Suspicion - JOH Seongjoo
Moving Milmeory / Aesthetisizing Relations, Processing Life, and Subjectifying Living - KIM Jongil, 김종일
Park Nung-saeng / Aspects of Experiments with Form, Significant Points - KHO Chunghwan, 고충환
Studio Woohaha, Working to Solve Old Troubles of Film Art through the Division of Labor and Cooperative Work - SHIN Eunshil
Lee Kiil / Romanticism, As Conceived by Lee Kiil - KIM Mijin, 김미진
Lee Soo-young, Lee Geum-hong / Those Paying a Visit to the Unique Zone of Garibong-Town - KIM Yongphil
Rhee Sei, Che Swann / The Glass Sewing Machine - A New Beginning of Cinematography - HUR Yoonjin
Lee Ho-jin - YU Jinsang, 유진상
Jang Suk-joon / Difference and Repetition Derived from Collection and Compilation - LEE Sunyoung, 이선영
Jung Eun-hae
Jeong Jeong-ju / The Stage as 'Brain' or 'Room' - LEE Wongon
JoSeub's Art: Delightful or Inconvenient - LEE Daebum, 이대범
Chun Young-mi / Secret Star - YOON Kyongman, 윤경만
Short-term Residency
Ji Yoon Yang
Youn Ju-hee
In Jin-mi
Anja Marais
Gisoo Kim
Jeff Schmuki
Luigi Coppola
Patricia Thoma
Invited Artist
Kim Myoung-Nam
2009-2010 Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON
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2009-2010 Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON

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