Set of 3 DVDs containing video previews from the exhibition 'Eattopia' held at Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei from October 2010 to January 2011. Also includes a documentary about the exhibition.

Disc 1
Invited Artists 1 - Vyacheslav Akhunov (Uzbekistan), Chen Chieh Jen (Taiwan), Mike Parr (Australia), Roggerbasco (Philippines), Manuel Saiz (Spain), Su Hui Yu (Taiwan), Charwei Tsai (Taiwan)
Documentary - Live Art: Body and Food, Opening Reception & Exhibition Documentary, Education Program & Extending Exhibitions, Introduction of Chew's Culture Foundation & Hong-Gah Museum

Disc 2
Invited Artists 2 - Bigert & Bergstrom (Sweden), Jeremy Seifert (USA)

Disc 3
Artists Selected from International Entries - Lara Acuin (Philippines), Chen I-Chun (Taiwan), Giuseppe Di Bella (Italy), Rajorshi Ghosh (India), Patricija Gilyte (Lithuania), Hamza Halloubi (Morocco), Hillerbrand + Magsamen (USA), Chen Yan-Chin, Chu Lang-Ting, Huang Chen (Taiwan), Ka Shin-Yu (Taiwan), Gayle Chong Kwan (UK), Liao Chi-Yu (Taiwan), Vivian Wenli Lin (USA), Mores McWreath (USA), Jonas Nilsson (Sweden), Niu Chun-Chiang (Taiwan), Alexis Raskin (USA), Larry A. Shao (USA), Prilla Tania (Indonesia), Wu Hsuan Hsuan (Taiwan)

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2010 tai wan guo ji lu xiang yi shu zhan: shi tuo bang

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2010 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition: Eattopia
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2010 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition: Eattopia, 2010 台灣國際錄像藝術展:食托邦