Published on the occasion of 'Made in Taiwan - Young Artist Discovery,' a special exhibition of Art Taipei 2011. Encompassing video, painting, installation, photography and others, 'Made in Taiwan' features such emerging artists as Din Chin-chung, Tu Chi-ming, Lin Jia-jen, Hsi Shih-pin, Kao Ya-ting, Simon Chang, Pu Shuai-cheng, and Chao Shu-jung.

Includes essays and artists' biographies. Published in conjunction with Art Taipei 2011 (EX.TAI.TAF.2011).

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臺灣國際藝術博覧會新人推薦特區.專輯.臺灣製造 | tai wan guo ji yi shu bo lan hui xin ren tui jian te qu. zhuan ji. tai wan zhi zao

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Loss of Self: the Risk of Confronting the Works of Din Chin-chung/ 面對丁建中,必須冒著失去自我的風險

- TAO Yalun Allen, 陶亞倫

Painter Poet/ 繪畫詩人

- HUANG Hsiaoyen, 黃小燕

The Self: The Body as Art/ 自_身:身體作為創作

- CHEN Bocheng, 沈伯丞

Memories of Gazing into the Future/ 眺望未來的記憶

- HUANG Yachi, 黃亞紀

Visual Awakening in the Age of Images/ 影像時代的視覺覺醒

- LIAO Renyi, 廖仁義

Re-encountering Simon Chang/ 再見.張雍

- QUO Yingsheng, 郭英聲

The Roaming Ghost in a World without Dimensions/ 無尺度世界的游魂

- HUANG Chienhung, 黃建宏

A Traveling Catcher in the Rye/ 異國遊子的心靈捕手

- HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴

2011 Art Taipei Made in Taiwan: Young Artist Discovery
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2011 Art Taipei Made in Taiwan: Young Artist Discovery, 2011台灣國際藝術博覧會新人推薦特區.專輯.台灣製造