'This book is published as a result of 2013 Asian Arts Space Network and its contents are based on research papers and exhibition in regards to two given themes being played as a key role. The two themes are namely "Post-Art Space / Post-Art Project" and "Art Archive". These are themes to have been reflecting the current or future questions being shared in art world both at home and abroad. Accordingly, it also has a closed connection to the participating art spaces those centre around experimental and alternative activities. Likewise, considering the fact that in a rapidly changing digital era, art archive can suggest a newest form of art project, there is also the correlation between these two given themes. This book is meant to suggest a single discourse which would be fragmentary although to the scope of given themes but significant vision through written essays or dissertations in the relevant field presented during the event seminar.' —excerpted from Introduction

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Post-Art Space / Post-Art Project

Collected Essays I


Vision and Tasks of the 21st Century Art Museum: Post-Museum

- KIM Honghee, 김홍희


The Post Art Space in the New Society in the 21st Century

- SUH Jinsuk, 서진석


Arts Maebashi: For Autonomy of Art Museum

- Fumihiko SUMITOMO, 住友文彥


The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe: A Post Digital Bauhaus Focused on the Change of Society

- Bernhard SEREXHE


Arts + People = Fringe Club

- Catherine LAU


Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore: Navigating Contemporary Art Today

- Joleen LOH


21st Century and Art Archive

Collected Essays II


Digital Art Archive's Current Status and Issues

- SUH Jinsuk, 서진석


Why Art Archives Now?

- LEE Hoshin, 이호신


Art Archive of the Digital Era

- PARK Juseok


Art Archive o Asian Arts Space

7 Essays III


Art Archive System in Russia

- Alexander IVANOV


Art Archive System of New Zero Art Space

- Aye Ko


The Art Archive in Kunadu Museum of Fine Arts

- CHU Tehi, 曲德益


The Introduction of the Art Archive System of CAFA Art Museum

- Yaochen LI


Art History is Museum History: The Vargas Museum in Manila

- Patrick D. FLORES


The Small Personable Archive



Art Archive System in VT Artsalon

- HU C.S. Sean, 胡朝聖

2013 Asian Arts Space Network
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