'The Seoul Museum of Art is holding an exhibition titled, 2013 Emerging Artists: Round-Up, Exhibition of Artworks by Artists on the SEMA Assistance Program, between December 13, 2013 and January 12, 2014. 
"Emerging Artists: Exhibition Assistance Program for New Artworks" is the new name of the Seoul Museum of Art’s flagship annual project, which has been providing financial assistance and critics to potential young artists under the name of "SeMA Young Artists" since 2008. This year, the newly renamed assistance program has been expanded to include various genres of art, in order to reflect the new trends of contemporary art in accordance with the museum’s intention of supporting talented artists working in various experimental genres. Furthermore, whereas the assistance previously focused on solo exhibitions, this year’s exhibition consists of a joint exhibition of works by 28 artists. 
The title of this exhibition,“Round-Up,”is a news and media term referring to "a summary of recent facts and events". The exhibition is designed to showcase the representative artworks of twenty-eight artists who have held solo exhibitions around Seoul during 2013 with the museum’s assistance. It attempts to express the passion and pure desire of these young artists by configuring various artworks by the selected artists, which cannot be defined under one theme, in an intentionally-exaggerated or conflicting fashion within the exhibition hall.' - from museum's website.

With essays on each artist by art critics along with colour plates of artworks. Artists' biographies are included. This publication comes with the exhibition guidebook, which contains the gallery map.

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Beyond Struggling: Rising Artists are Raising Hope - SUN Seunghye
Growth through Change: 2013 Emerging Artists Program - Gahee PARK
KKHH: Methods of Capturing Relationships by Phase - KIM Jinhee
Kang Rae O: The Role of Art Intervening in the Space of Immanent Violence - CHO Seonryeong, 조선령
Kang Sangwoo: Shout at the Wall - JI Yoonyang, 양지윤
Kong Sookyung: Memories of Daily Life, Permeating Fragments: Kong Sookyung Solo Exhibition The HABITUAL - YOO Wonjoon
Kwon In-Kyung: At the Entrance of Heartland-Utopia - HA Kyehoon, 하계훈
Ki Seulki: Unfamiliar Corner, Endless Questions in a Simple Space - Chang Ho Choe
Sylbee Kim: An Ontological Allegory: Sylbee Kim's Slanted Conical Behavior - GU Nayeon
Tae-kyun Kim: Insurmountable Parallax Gap - PEIK Kiyoung, 백기영
Sean Park: Flowing Remote Landscape, Sweet, and Melancholy Emotion - KHO Chunghwan, 고충환
Park Jun-ha: 'Woher, Wohin - ' - LEE Geunyong, 이근용
Chanmin Park: Transformation of Context - Between Casting and Modulating of Images - JUNG Hyun, 정현
Park Cheon Wook: Discoverer of the World: Defining the Ambiguous Structure of Vision and Cognition - PARK Kyoungrin
Sunghee Pae: Empty City for Stylish Life - KI Hyekyung, 기혜경
Seo Goun: Seeing without Eyes, Hearing without Ears, Talking without Mouth - What the Paintings of Seo Goun Fragment without Fragments and Mourn without Mourning - CHOE Jeongu
Son Jongjun: Is Today Better Than Yesterday? - LEE Jinmyung, 이진명
Gyung Jin Shin: The Gyung Jin Shin Variable: Between the Measurable and the Results That Are Not - KOH Dongyeon
Seung Wook Sim - SUH Jinsuk, 서진석
Oh Young-Seok: Festival - LEE Byunghee, 이병희
Yoo Hwa Soo: Life and Labor - CHOI Jian, 최지안
Yoon Sang-yoon: Paving an All-directional Path for Newness and Heterogeneity - LEE Sunyoung, 이선영
Dongjoo Lee: FAMILY + ZOETROPE - CHOI Houngcheol
Lee Jeong Hoo: Talk of Spoken Words - HONG Jisuk, 홍지석
Cheonpyo Lee: Cosmology: The Great Planned Obsolescence - Arthur Menezes BRUM
Hangjun Lee: New Principles of Representation: Invisibility, Complexity, Recurrence - HONG Chulki, 홍철기
Jang Jae Cheol: The Trace of Body, Embracing Unexplored Space - HWANG Jungin, 황정인
Chung Mun-kyung: Welcome to Our Humble Hideout, a Fort Made of Clothes - Nathalie Boseul SHIN, 신보슬
Youngjoo Cho: Measure the Weight of Life: Youngjoo Cho Solo Exhibition - JI Yoonyang, 양지윤
Taewon Heo: Pondering the Use of Useless Beauty - YEO Kyunghwan
2013 Emerging Artists: Round-Up
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2013 Emerging Artists: Round-Up

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