The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Gwacheon, Korea, held its first Young Korean Artists exhibition 30 years ago. The exhibition, founded in 1981, quickly became a fundamental one within Korea and around the world, renowned for recognising and exposing local artistic talent. The 2010 exhibition, '30th Anniversary of the Young Korean Artists', showcases original works by participants in the first 1981 show, as well as works spanning the following thirty years. There are 327 invited participants, many of them still 'young' while others, particularly artists from the first shows, are now in their 50s and 60s.  200 works from a variety of media – painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation – are represented. The space is divided into two sections: Young Korean Artists, spanning the 1980s to 1990s, and New Talent Exhibition, focusing on works produced in the 1990s to now.

Among the artists represented in the exhibition are Bohn-Chang Koo, Do-Ho Suh, Bul Lee and Choi-Jeong Hwa, who enjoy international recognition, while five others, Ho-Suk Kim, Sang-Kyoon Noh, Yeong-Bae Lee, Hyun Chung and Yong-Sun Suh, have been named Artist of the Year by the National Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Interviews with artists conducted by Lee Chuyoung (of NMCA) are included at the end of the catalogue.  The interviews are in Korean only.
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Korean Young Artists Biennale and the Search for the New Possibilities of Traditional-style Korean Painting

- OH Kwangsu, 오광수

Memories of Everyday Life, Hyperrealistic Paintings

- SEO Sungrok, 서성록

The Significance of Small Groups of the 1980s from the Inner Structure of Korean Modern Art

- KIM Mikyung, 김미경

Korean Contemporary Art in the 2000s and Young Korean Artists

- PARK Youngtaik, 박영택

The 1990s: Diversity in Contemporary Korean Art

- KHO Chunghwan, 고충환

History of the Young Korean Artists 1981-1989

- LEE Chuyoung, 이추영

History of the Young Korean Artists 1990-2008

- LEE Chuyoung, 이추영

30th Anniversary of the Young Korean Artists 1981-2010
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30th Anniversary of the Young Korean Artists 1981-2010, 젊은모색三十