The Third Digital Art Festival Taipei 2008, titled 'Trans', aims to create a "digital art platform" where non-governmental creative resources can be engaged through participations of multiple industries and disciplines. The festival's four core activities include: International Digital Art Exhibition, Digital Art Awards Taipei, digital art performance and an artist forum. Various academic organizations are also invited to participate and to promote the integration of technology and art in Taiwan.

This is a documentary on DAF 2008 at MOCA Taipei, featuring the participating artists and their works, with commentary by the curators from Etat Lab. Bonus material on the 3rd Digital Art Awards Taipei and the 3rd K.T. Creativity Award included. 

In Mandarin (some English), with Chinese subtitles.

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3rd Digital Art Festival Taipei 2008: Trans, 第三屆台北數位藝術節2008:超介面