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'The current exhibition, entitled Atopia curated by Lin Hongjohn, features five artists - Tsai Ming-Liang, Huang-Chen Tang, Kuo Min Lee, Shih Chieh Huang and VIVA. The curator borrows from German sociologist Helmut Willke's observations of new cultural topologies arising in the midst of globalization, responding to issues related to globalizations's dissolution of borders, such as the shrinking of the world's territories, superimpositions of space, and urbanization. Furthermore, through the presentation of the artworks, he attempts to reflect upon the special state in which Taiwan exists within the logic of globalization. Film director Tsai Ming-Liang presents his second work of visual art, a new post-cinema film installation in which the exhibition space echoes the atmosphere of a derelict Malaysian cinema that is presented in the film. Huang-Chen Tang's video action work I go Traveling V will be carried out in Venice, with documents and images of past art actions undertaken in such places as Korea, Taiwan and France complementing its presentation. Working in the form of documentary photography, Kuo Min Lee presents the relationships between people and their environment and history, creating evidence testimony of a shifting societal landscape. Shih Chieh Huang employs artificial materials, air and electronic products to simulate an organic environment, thus exploring consumer culture and the human condition. Finally, comic book artist VIVA presents his new work of eight comic posters on the theme of Taiwanese computer geek culture, and also releases an English-language compendium of selections from among his more than 100 comic books, challenging European readers' experiences of anime and manga.' - extracted from the preface of the exhibition catalogue by Che Wenling.
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52nd Venice Biennale: Atopia: Taipei Fine Arts Museum of Taiwan