'"A Changed World" explores the development of Singapore art in light of the rapid changes that took place in Singapore after World War II. It charts the artists’ own engagement with changes in Singapore’s political, economic, social and urban landscape, and how they expressed their responses through their art. The exhibition spans Singapore’s immediate post-war period, from which both an artistic and national consciousness began to emerge, to the 1970s, when a Singaporean identity came to be solidified while artists adopted a new pictorial language that was more international. The exhibition will feature over 120 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures from the National Collection.' - from museum's website.

This catalogue consists of transcripts of audio dialogues between exhibition curators Szan Tan and Daniel Tham. Using each select work as a talking points, the curators aimed to articulate their own responses to those works, to discover 'resonances and discordances' and to 'dig deeper beneath the surcface'.  With colour plates and a list of works.   

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A Changed World: Singapore Art 1950s - 1970s: Dialogues
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A Changed World: Singapore Art 1950s - 1970s: Dialogues