This exhibition was held at the new Pan-Chiao Railway Station from September 28 - October 29, 2000. Seven artists and 2 groups, from overseas and Taiwan, whose art practice employs technology, exhibited their works in this special space, a space for public transportation. This catalogue includes the curator, Pinhua Wang’s, general essay on the exhibition, and another essay from the aspect of technological art history, by Chen Zhengcai, who is a well-known multi-media artist. Also, a well-compiled chronological chart of media, technology and art by the latter author is included. Western artists participating in this exhibition were Gregory Barsamian (America), and Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau (Austria and France).

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Ecstasy Unleashed: Runaway Octopus and Jellyfish - WANG Rainn Pinhwa, 王品驊
A Survey of New Media Art - CHEN Chengtsai, 陳正才
The Interaction of Media - Technology - Art - CHEN Chengtsai, 陳正才
A Sparkling City: 2000 Taipei County Art and Technology Exhibition
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A Sparkling City: 2000 Taipei County Art and Technology Exhibition, 發光的城市﹣2000北縣國際科技藝術展