'Social Housing—Housing the Social: Art, Property and Spatial Justice examines ongoing transformations in social housing and asks how these transformations are reflected in the aspirations and practices of artists. Housing provides essential shelter, but also gives form to the social. It represents and embodies the materiality of civic politics and thus demonstrates the uneven nature of spatial justice at local and global scale. For many years artists have contributed to the design and organization of structures of living together, often with ambivalent effect. Whilst many have imagined—and attempted to implement—radical new forms of social housing, as alternatives to both privatization and state provision, they have also ushered in waves of gentrification, thus contributing significantly to a story of capitalization now dominant within urban infrastructures. Social Housing—Housing the Social: Art, Property and Spatial Justice questions the politics of urban practice from a variety of geopolitical and disciplinary viewpoints, from liberal private initiatives to the Occupy movement, from Almere to Ramallah, mixing artistic and architectural contributions with those of sociologists, urban historians, philosophers, and activists.' - from back cover.

Includes biographies of contributors.
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Chapter headings
Foreword: Rethinking Housing, Citizenship, and Property - Teddy CRUZ
Introduction - Andrea PHILLIPS, Fulya ERDEMCI
Setting the Housing /Capital Context
From Revanchism to Securitized public Space - Neil SMITH
The Residualization of the Social: Doreen Massey Interviewed by Andrea Phillips
Unitary Urbanism: A Citizens' Occupation - Miguel ROBLES-DURAN
Self-Organization: Collusion or Opposition to Neo-Liberalism?
The Artist Will Have to Decide Whom to Serve - Jeanne VAN HEESWIJK
Empower People to Make the City - Adri DUIVESTEIJN
Open CoopL A Manifesto About the People We Have Met - Partizan PUBLIK
OpTrek in Transvaal: Floor Tinga on the Work of Sabrina lindemann - Floor TINGA
Non-Capitalist Economic Practice in Catalonia - Amalia CARDENAS, Joana CONILL, Manuel CASTELLS
Art and the Symbolic Order
Art and Housing: The Private Connection - Andrea PHILLIPS
Chafing Against the Dead Hand of Society: Martha Roster interviewed by Mrkus Miessen
Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area - Roman VASSEUR
Participatory Design - Marjetica POTRČ
Sweetness in Public Space - Fallen Fruit
Can the Contemporary Art World and Its Institutions 'House the Social?' - Fulya ERDEMCI
How Can You be at Home in an Alien World Learning Play - Playing to Learn - Chto Delat, Ultra-red
Global Contexts/Histories
Tent City: Spaces of homeless Survival and Organizing in the American City - Don MITCHELL
Urban Production and Its Counterculture in Istanbul - Pelin TAN
Security, Economy, and the Social Crisis in Palestine - Yazid ANANI
'urban Feudalism' of New Belgrade: The Case of Belville Housing Block - Zoran ERIC
Giving Concrete Meaning to 'The Right to the City' in Brazil - Edesio FERNANDES
China Housing: The Dilution and Reformation of Collectiveness - JIANG Jun, 姜珺
The Return of the Social - But Not As We Knew It - Arnold REIJNDORP
Direct Action
Hamburg, My Darling City - Christoph SCHAFER
Time for an 'Urban Revolution?': The Right to the City Movement in Hamburg - Martin REITER
Fanatical Reality versus Radical Resistance: The Depoliticization of Squatting - Ernst VAN DEN HEMEL
How Not to Tell: The Story of Occupy - AIOA
Our Autonomous Life? - Binna CHOI, 최빛나, Maiko TANAKA
To Fix a home: The Yes Men Helping Out - Nils VAN BEEK
Actors, Agents and Attendants: Social Housing - Housing the Social: Art, Property and Spatial Justic
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Actors, Agents and Attendants: Social Housing - Housing the Social: Art, Property and Spatial Justice

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