This volume accompanies the two exhibitions 'After Year Zero' at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin from September to November 2013, and at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw from June to August 2015.

'"After Year Zero" presents works by selected artists, films, documents and archival material 
exploring relations between two distinct political and historical “frames” of the emergent postwar order: the bipolar confrontation dominating the northern hemisphere as it was being divided 
by the Iron Curtain, and the rise of the Third World against the backdrop of what the author Richard Wright, in his book-length report from the Bandung Conference in 1955, termed the “Color Curtain.” The exhibition considers how we can contrast continuities and discontinuities, both in the case of Europe and the West after 1945 and in that of former colonies that asserted their independence in the decades following the defeat of facism.' - from the website of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

'After Year Zero' was based on a series of workshops held under the title 'Matters of Collaboration' in 2012 in Algiers, Dakar, Paris and Johannesburg in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut in Brussels.

Includes biographies of artists and contributors. Please note that only artists of Asian descent are listed.

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Preface - Bernd SCHERER
Preface - Joanna MYTKOWSKA
Introduction - Anselm FRANKE, Annett BUSCH
The Universal Project - Anselm FRANKE
Universal Pictures: A Dialogue between a Future People from the Dessert - Annett BUSCH
Negritude as a Concept of Collaboration? - John AKOMFRAH
Passions of Blackness and Imperatives of a Post-African Imagination: Re-reading Black Orpheus and Black Images - Denis EKPO
Decolonization in Adversity: Cultural Constellations through the Prism of Présence Africaine - Lotte ARNDT
Black Internationalism in Interwar France - David MURPHY
On Souffles: Geographies of Solidarity - Clare DAVIES
Lotus Notes - Nida GHOUSE
Pan-Asianism and the Question: 'What is Asia?' - James T. HONG, 洪子健
Performing Solidarity: The Bandung Conference 1955 - Shirin M. RAI
Travelling Communique Reading a Photo Archive (1948–80), Presidential Press Service, Yugoslavia
Statecraft: An Incomplete Timeline of Independence Determined by Digital Auction - Kodwo ESHUN
Accra, an Urban Promise - Lukasz STANEK
Where to Begin, Where to Belong: The Many Returns of Come Back Africa - Marie-Helene GUTBERLET, Tobias HERING
Black Consciousness, Black Holes, Black Suns, and Black Collectivity - Stacy HARDY
New Culture - Bisi SILVA
Diggin' or (Yes, Mr. Neogy, Magazines Do Culture... Sometimes) - Bongani MADONDO
African Jazz - Max ANNAS, Gary MINKLEY
The Black Elegance: Escape from the '80s - Charles Tonderai MUDEDE
History Does Not Repeat Itself, but It Does Rhyme - Fred MOTEN
After Year Zero: Geographies of Collaboration
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After Year Zero: Geographies of Collaboration

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